SharePoint is falling behind sharply in the WCM domain

After being leaders back in 2009/2010, It is quite disappointing to see SharePoint falling behind sharply in the WCM domain.

However I don’t believe that was out of coincidence, but on contrary and pragmatically speaking, I would say that was due , but not limited to, the following:

  1. Any dedicated, focused WCM effort is disappearing as Microsoft pushes customers toward the cloud and Office 365. WCM’s greatest urgency and innovation lies in external, customer-facing scenarios, but Microsoft is focusing almost exclusively on business-to-employee scenarios.
  2. Customers wanting to use Microsoft for differentiated customer-facing Web and digital initiatives face the prospect of heavy customization. This has consistently been troublesome when working with SharePoint and will be more so in a cloud-based system.
  3. Feedback from the market suggests usability issues with SharePoint at a time when business is seeking an ever higher level of agility from WCM products. Other vendors in this Magic Quadrant provide far greater agility to marketers than Microsoft provides with SharePoint.
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